Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kino Debuts with a Stinker!

Hey folks, welcome to Profundo Kino, the Profundo home of cinema.

We begin with a delightfully awful sequel, and the worst ending I've read in a while. The following link goes to the original story on AintitCool News but be warned, major spoilers alert.

For those willing to ruin the next Terminator movie for themselves, the article is quite disconcerting. Suddenly Terminator 3's cardboard acting and utterly boring segments don't seem so terrible.

The worst part is, you can imagine the board meeting that came up with this idea. McG (the director, not to be confused with McD's - the restaurant) brings this ending to the board, and they all jump with glee as they imagine the critical response: "Brilliant political satire!" "Heroification or Deification!?" "Brilliant!"

If used, this ending pretty much ensures that the following two Terminator sequels, parts 5 and 6 will just go down hill. "If (Ending X) occurs, then what else within the (spoiler deleted) is (spoiler deleted)." "Oh, for part 6, we can end with (spoiler deleted) and then make a huge twist! The audience would never believe that (spoiler deleted) would ever actually be working as a pawn of the (spoiler deleted) so as to keep peace within the society of (spoiler deleted)! Brilliant!"

As a practical solution, this ending for part 4 is quite helpful for the production of the movie, without tampering with the "winning formula" which such sequels hold as Holy Writ (despite the almost 100% consistency of lesser quality which springs forth from said formulas).

If (spoiler deleted) is now indeed a (spoiler deleted) in part 5, then there is never a need to again show (spoiler deleted) in his non-gubernatorial role. Money saving and "fresh." Uggh.

(Actual Spoilers Below)

(I'm warning you, actual spoilers without censoring below)

(No, really, just below this, is the spoiler!)

So, there is a part of me that likes this ending. Two reasons for me liking Christian Bale/John Connor as a cyborg:

1. Batman as a robot? How much butt will he be able to kick in the next movie? It is one thing if Christian Bale is the skinny leader of human survivors, cowering in fear behind rubble and waging guerilla war against robots. It is a totally more entertaining (yet head-palmingly dumber) film if the leader is as indestructible as Arnold in Terminator 2. Christian Bale as a robot is totally a great idea for a film... reservations remain as to the quality of the idea within the Terminator universe.

2. The idea that an important human leader/hero is not actually what they are made to be, fits well with my opinions on heroification. To put it bluntly, I like what they are thinking, but I hate the way they are implementing it. "I see what you've done there." Sure our heroes are not the ideal people we make them out to be, you are correct Mr. Moviemaker. But for goodness sake, George Washington wasn't a robot!

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